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Myllyniementie 26
85180 Rahja
Kaisa-Leena Korhonen
p. 040 722 6401

Menu examples

We use local products to make our meals and our recipes are based on the local traditions and they are served with stories and legends.

Lighthouse Chiefs breakfast

- tea/coffee, juice
- oatmeal porridge served traditionally with sugar and dab of butter
- yoghurt
- lightly salted whitefish (lavaret/powan/gwyniad/pollan) or salmon,
  spiced fish or some other fish
- cold cuts and cheese
- vegetables, fruits or berries
- boiled eggs
- brown and white bread

Evening snacks

- Crepes with jam or sugar
- Blinis with whitefish roe, onion and sour cream
- Broiled Baltic herring and rye bread

Main courses

- "Mojakka" (traditional fisherman meal) made from whitefish, boiled potatoes
- Poachers soup made of salmon
- Islets smoked whitefish, boiled potatoes with melted butter
- Lighthouse island roasted mutton, roasted potatoes with garlic, wild mushroom sauce
- Fried whitefish filets, boiled potatoes, egg sauce
- roasted fish in the way of the islet king
- Baltic herring casserole in the lighthouse grannies way