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femEmare Oy

Myllyniementie 26
85180 Rahja
Kaisa-Leena Korhonen
p. 040 722 6401

Terms of Bookings and Cancellations

Preliminary bookings are valid for one week, unless otherwise is agreed. If the confirmation is not received in due time, the reservation will expire. The confirmations as well as the cancellations are to be given in written.

Please let us know the precise information on the number of participants, contact person, arrival and departure times, desired mealtimes, special diets and other special requirements, one week prior to the event. All numbers will be considered guaranteed and charged at a minimum.

Invoicing is for corporate clients only. The account is to be paid within 10 days of the invoice date and annotation time is 3 days .If the account is not paid within 10 days, interest is 11 %. Invoicing charge is 8 €/invoice. Prices include value-added tax 9 % on accommodation and transportation, 13 % on meals and 23 % on others.

Cancelled bookings will be charged on scale basis as follows:
- 21 days prior: 50 %cancellation charge
- 12 days prior: 75 % cancellation charge
- later than that: 100 % cancellation charge

If the cancellation is due to the femEmare Oy or the weather conditions, cancellations fees are not charged. If a booking to Ulkokalla is cancelled due to the weather conditions, substitutive services will be arranged in the mainland, when possible.

The client shall be held responsible for any damage caused to the premises, furnishing or equipment whether wilfully, neglectfully, by default or otherwise and will be liable for the cost of repairs and damages arising there from.