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Different kind of activities according to your wishes!

We offer to you different kind of activities in Kalajoki and surroundings according to your wishes! All activities are based on the local nature, culture and history. You will hear many stories about local way to live. A delicious meal or snacks are included in all our excursions. The meals are made in local traditional ways, and are served  in nature mainly by a campfire.

The archipelago of Rahja

In winterexperience the frozen sea, coldness, wind and whirling snow or brightness and warm of the sun and the glittering ice. See the wonderful shape of the packed ice.
In winter we lead you to the archipelago of Rahja. We will move from the island to on other by hiking, skies, snowshoes or kick sledges depending on weather conditions. A very special vehicle is "ajopuu", the traditional tool of the seal hunters. By "ajopuu" we will move fast between the islands on the frozen sea. A delicious meal is included in all excursions. The fascinating stories about the history and the legendary local persons make the archipelago spring to life.

The Rahja archipelago has formed with the land rising, which is still continuing. Main part of the archipelago is uninhabited; there are just few old cabins of fishermen and summer cottages on some of the islands. If the excursionists are lucky, they may see the magnificent white-tailed sea eagle eating guts, which fishermen leave on the ice. In summer we will take you to the arcipelago by boat, and you can familiarize with the fascinating sea nature of the islands.

The Riverside of Siiponjoki

We offer you a possibility to familiarize with the Finnish nature by hiking in a varying terrain of the Siiponjoki riverside. See the steep sand bluffs and the wonderfully green groves of the canyons. Experience the autumn colours on the valleys of this sinuous river or the coming out of the spring or the green nature in summer. Hear the history of the river and the stories about the legendary local persons, who have acted on the area.

The smoke sauna

Would you like to try a traditional Finish smoke sauna? It is warmed up with the alder wood for at least four hours time. The warmth of it is mild and long lasting; you can have a refreshing swim in the stream by the sauna. The smoke sauna is very relaxing especially recommended for ex. after hiking or skiing or other outdoors activities.