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femEmare Oy

Myllyniementie 26
85180 Rahja
Kaisa-Leena Korhonen
p. 040 722 6401

About us - femEmare Ltd

The name of the company comes from the Latin words feminae (ladies) et (and) mare (sea).

Products of the company are based on local nature, culture, history and stories. On the small lighthouse island Ulkokalla we offer accommodation and food services in the middle of the outer sea in the Bothnian Bay in the former residence of the lighthouse keepers. On the mainland we offer many kind of activities in nature; for example skiing and hiking tours from the several days to a couple hours or the traditional Finnish smoke sauna completed with a delicious meal after it.

We respect the nature values and carry out the excursions considering the demands for sustainable tourism. Because of the sensitivity of the nature, the group size on our excursions is small; we do not take to Ulkokalla or to our excursions more than 20 persons at a time.

To make sure we can offer complete and qualified services to our customers we operate also as a local DMC-office in Kalajoki.